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Jesse and Joey Tie the Knot!

Two talented, beautiful, kind, and very funny men got married in what could best be called -a total wedding bash.  The celebration took place in Jesse’s parent’s lovely home in Coral Gables, FLA.  The place was dripping with orchids, live oak moss, ferns and air plants.  Everyone looked gorgeous, it was a million degrees out, and they partied into the wee hours.  There was so much laughter and plenty of happy tears.  It was such fun to photograph and I was so honored to be there.  Enjoy….!



Thank you big time to Randy Borges for shooting this with me.  Images 3, 9, 15, 22, 25, and 26 were taken by him.

Wedding Coordinator:  Anje Soirees

Music:  AAMusicians.com

Digital Event Associates:  http://www.dea.events

June 15, 2016


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Recent Work with ALS, SMA and Heart Disease Patients

In March, I traveled throughout California to photograph people living with ALS, SMA (spinal muscular atrophy) and heart disease.  I was hired for this project by Cytokinetics -a company that develops therapies for people living with these diseases*. Cytokinetics plans to create huge posters for display in the company headquarters.  They hope the images and words will inspire their employees and connect them to the people they are working to help.

It was personally so inspiring and very uplifting to meet and photograph these wonderful people.  It was a critical reminder that life is short- so live it well, stay present and love deeply!

160419_CYTK_PatientPoster_Art02_forPrint copy

160419_CYTK_PatientPoster_Art02_forPrint copy

160419_CYTK_PatientPoster_Art02_forPrint copy160419_CYTK_PatientPoster_Art02_forPrint copy160419_CYTK_PatientPoster_Art02_forPrint copy


*The people I photographed don’t use any of Cytokinetics therapies.  The company knew of them through talks they have given or other avenues where they have shared their stories as a way to inspire or guide other people living with their disease.

May 6, 2016

Corporate, Editorial

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Brooklyn Family Sessions!

Hi all!

I’ll be in Brooklyn this May and am available for family sessions.  (Or engagement sessions!)  If you would like more info, please send me an email!  mary@marymchenry.com

Have a fabulous Monday,



May 2, 2016


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Harbour Island Street Photography, Part 2

One morning while walking around Harbour Island in the Bahamas, I came across this group of kids.  They were having a bike relay race around the block so I stopped my walk and took pictures.  It was so much fun hanging out with them.

For more street photography in the Bahamas, feel free to follow me on instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/Bahamaphotographer/












April 18, 2016

Street Photography, Travel

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Harbour Island Photography, Part 1

Last week, my family and I spent a few days in Harbour Island, a lovely little island south of us in the Bahamas off the tip of North Eleuthera.  I took a walk in the late afternoon to do a bit of street photography, which I haven’t really done in years.  I enjoyed it so much -the colors, the people, the light, the chickens.  🙂

The next post will be from a morning walk, when I came upon a group of kids having a bike race.

I’ve started an Instagram page for streetlife in the Bahamas: www.instagram.com/bahamaphotographer


Roosters don’t like being photographed -I hunted this one down for awhile:

Harbour Island wedding photographyBahamas wedding photographerHarbour Island PhotographyHarbourIsland_04

“NO FEET ON BENCHES”HarbourIsland_05

This is Jimmy and this is “Jimmy’s street!”, which he yelled at me as I approached.  We ended up talking for awhile.


Jimmy is smiling here but later he confessed that he just wants a way off Harbour Island.  He is stuck in “paradise”.Bahamas Wedding Photographer

BARACUDA EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK:Harbour Island Photography

Thing 2:


I could do a whole book on the chickens of Harbour Island.  They are a really challenging subject -it’s a good lesson in waiting for the composition to line up and then praying for a moment before they run off.  Chicken are always moving -mostly away from me.
Bahamas street photographyBahamas wedding photography

“Just Do It”  (Or don’t.  Just Chill.)

Bahamas wedding photography

Bahamas street photography

No Parking Please.  No Dumping Please.HarbourIsland_14

Bananas for sale:

Harbour Island PhotographyHarbour Island streetlife

One view of a sunset hangout:Harbour Island photo

The other view of the sunset hangout.  I took a video of this scene -the chitchat, laughter, and kids running around was a beautiful combination.Harbour Island sunset

April 6, 2016

Street Photography

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