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Kind Words

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Emails that made my day...

Marrrrrrryyyyyyyyy!!!!!! We just watched the slideshow as a family and LOVED it so, so, sooooo much! The kids were giggling hysterically and i ended up in a full on slobbery sob-fest. You captured so much that i love about our family and more. You are so talented girl! Gorgeous work!!! I cannot tell you how much it means for me to have photos like this with me in them- priceless. Darren is tucking the kids into bed and i am going to psychotically watch the slideshow 100 more times tonight. Thank you again for everything. It was such a fun afternoon and the pics are bananas! The photo that absolutely killed me and got me sobbing is the one of the kids jumping and darren and I to the left in front of the grafiti-ed garage. So many amazing shots! And there’s a series of me and jesse that got me sniffling hard. Ahhhhh!!!! Thank you so much.

-The Caban Family, May 2016

We were absolutely blown away. Your pictures of our wedding are so beautiful and capture the day perfectly. You can really see all the hard work you put into every single frame. We were so lucky to have you there. Cannot wait to see the gallery!
-Jacqueline & Michael, June 2015, Mill Valley Outdoor Art Club

Mary! I cannot stop watching this! Dear lord, they are great! Thank you so much! I cant wait to see them all tomorrow. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
-Adria and Clinton, June 015, San Francisco City Hall Wedding

Here are a few comments via email from my family (and my parents called me immediately after I forwarded the link saying they watched the slideshow 5 times and loved it so much!!)
My sister Julie: "This is AMAZING!!! These are such amazing photos!! You picked an awesome photographer. These seriously look fantastic. You look so beautiful Laura, and Antin so handsome! The lighting is perfect. Perfect mix of artsy and practical. Love them!!!! Super beautiful."
Uncle Luigi: "Ditto to what Julie said. OMG Mary did a fantastic job. Each photo captures the happy spirit of you, Antin, the wedding and your guests. I love the garden shots and teared up again. Mary did a great job of making visual memories of a wonderful time."
Taras, Antin's dad: "Absolutely beautiful!! She really captured the mood perfectly (I have to admit that it brought a few tears to my eyes watching the slideshow)"
Thank you again!
-Laura & Antin, May 2015, Elizabeth Gamble Garden, Palo Alto

WHAT!? You You are such a creative artist. This is invaluable. Thank you a million times over. I still need to look at the stills but I can't stop watching this. Love the music. Love everything. Wow- that light was gorgeous outside at the park. Just. Wow.
I can't begin to thank you.
-The Boots Family, Jan. 2015

The gorgeous album has arrived. Yesterday we had a ceremonial viewing, and we're delighted on all counts. The photography itself, the arrangement on the pages, the appearance in the form of a book, were all wonderful. Polly and I both appreciate your aesthetic--it's interesting that, after so many viewings, the photography is still fresh, vibrant, and a surprising memory of an event that we mostly experienced! In some ways. It is an 'otherworldly' moment in time.
You may remember that we were both engaged by your working both in black and white as well as color; we're continue to appreciate your mixing it up on the album's pages. Fantastic!
-Leslie & Polly, November 2014, San FranciscoCity Hall Wedding

WOW. Just wow. Ken and I waited all day to watch the slideshow together and followed all your suggestions. We are so incredibly impressed and couldn't be more happy with the outcome. Of course we cried together the first time through and watched it again and again after that. Thank you so much for using the song we had asked for. We're flying to Colorado tomorrow to spend Christmas with my family -- we're waiting to watch the slideshow with them in person on Sunday (which is killing my sister!). :) We can't wait to see the gallery; 1000+ photos?! Woof! It's going to be spectacular.
Thank you again and talk to you soon,
-Renée & Ken, November 2014, Sunnyvale CA

Well, Mary, we just cried the happiest tears watching that 3 times on loop. THANK YOU!!!! You are such a rock star at what you do! We are just beyond grateful that we got to work with you. You captured such amazing moments that truly brought us back to that wonderful day that went by oh so quickly. I am so happy that not only can we see photos of that day, but we feel actually transported to that day and how we felt- and we had so many feelings! And you captured them all! Better yet, I get to feel it all without the nervousness of it happening in real time. It doesn't hurt that your photo-magic makes both Brian and I look about 5x hotter than we are in regular life. So an extra thank you for that! Your experience really shines too, in that you highlighted the moments that are highlights for us in our memories.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
-Hanna and Brian, August 2014, Big Sur

You are amazing.
So many wonderful, human, loving, happy, emotional shots.
It is exactly how I pictured it!
A million hugs xx
-Jeanine & Cooper, May 2014, Shelldance Orchid Gardens

We're both here writing this to you. We didn't have a bottle of wine so we ate a peach and grapes. And we don't have the words because it made us so giddy. We absolutely love it. We watched it 10x in a row, then went back, paused it, moved it around. We love every minute of it.
The ending is perfect and the shots are amazing.
We're both sitting here asking ourselves how you did that.
And we really love the picture of you against the fan.
Cannot wait to see the gallery. Bravo!
Thank you!
-Matt & Nicole, May 2014, Santarella in the Berkshires

I'm dyyyyyying!!!

These photos are AMAZING! We've already watched the slideshow four times. I can't get enough! I love seeing how happy everyone is in literally every single photo - everyone just looks like they were having so much fun! Some of those dance floor pics in particular are hilarious.
You did such a fantastic job capturing our day. I really can't thank you enough. I don't know how we're going to get an album made with less than 900 photos since I've loved every picture you've sent so far!! :)
What a nice Sunday night treat!
-Shelly & Ben, September 2013, Ventana and Big Sur Bakery

We can not begin to thank you enough for capturing our wedding!! Your soul speaks through the lenses of your camera... which is why every single shot is not only phenomenal -but priceless. Not just the pictures... but our entire wedding would not have been the same without you a part of it. You managed to freeze the love, warmth, & laughter of that day for eternity. We are so thankful. We seriously cannot think of having anyone else shoot our family and friends -it just wouldn't have been right.
Much love and many thanks,
-Sayre and Jordan, June 2013, Scribe Winery

These are amazing! Oh my gosh. We've watched it so many times already this evening. They are so beautiful and so many of them made us laugh out loud. Thank you! We are so excited to see some of the others when they're ready. I haven't the foggiest idea how we can get away with not purchasing all the images, they are so wonderful. They capture exactly the feeling of our life and our house in California, which is just what I was hoping for.
Thank you!
-Danzinger family session, August 2013

Thank you Mary!!!
They are lovely. You have a great eye!!!!
Everyone that saw the slideshow said they were teary eyed and felt like they were actually at the wedding. You did such a good job capturing the everyone's raw emotions!
-Margot & Ian, June 2013, Tiburon Chapel

Mary, I was just talking to Joanna the other day about how excited I was to see photos. Well, they came within no waiting time... AND, they're EVERYTHING I could ever have dreamed, hoped, wished they would be. Cheesy, I know, but I got teary looking at them and am getting teary typing this now. Mary- they're so special. And Mary- you're so special! Your talent is unbelievable and I feel so lucky we had you at our big day. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. I wish I could type "thank you" a million times, but it just won't do justice to what you've captured for us.
HUGE hugs and a million more thank yous...
-Kathryn & Brian, May 2013, Dawn Ranch Lodge

We loved everything about having you as our photographer... I can't tell you enough how nice it was to have a photographer I was comfortable with and trusted there for our day. Every time I thought "I might want a photo of this" you would magically appear, snapping away. At other times, you were totally inconspicuous. Thank you.
-Brett and Betsy, October 2012, Ravenswood Historic Park

THANK YOU! We are just so thrilled, so happy, still grinning. You captured the emotion of the day and all the crazy activity swirling around us so perfectly. Honestly the day was such a blur, Brian and I loved sitting back (yes, with a nice glass of rum on the couch) and reliving our wedding in slow motion. I instantly shared the links with all our family and friends, who all echoed what we've been saying more months now -- you are so talented!
-Kendra and Brian, June 2012 wedding, Tiburon Yacht Club

What can I say? LOVE LOVE LOVE the slideshow. I think it definitely depicts our relationship, silly and clueless, but loving J you are so amazing. Thank you for everything.
-Sayre and Jordan, engagement session Fall 2012

Wow these photos are amazing. This is exactly what we wanted. I feel that they really capture any given weekend day of our life in SF. As you know, we now live in Portland and it means everything to have that time captured well. The color is so rich! It is so very difficult to choose which we will frame and which we will put in an album etc. Adam and I just viewed the prints that you sent for his office -- gorgeous!
-Family session June 2012

I just wanted to write and say the photos are absolutely amazing - we LOVE them! Thank you so much for making the day so memorable. We couldn't be happier =) Thank you for everything Mary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Margaret and Greg, June 2012, Alexander Valley Vineyards Family Home

I've been meaning to write you since the day after the wedding. I got SO MANY comments from our guests about how much they loved you and your assistant. Dave's dad called you a firecracker. Haha. Everyone really admired your ability to be in the background (yet still very present to where the action was) but also be a part of the whole event, joking around with people as you took their photo, etc. You both fit in like guests, which was really fun.
And I really appreciated the gentle way that you helped Dave and me stay on track. As someone who has spent a big chunk of my career herding writers and editors, I know that that's a real skill -- and you absolutely have a gift for it. Thank you so much for shooting our wedding. THESE PHOTOS ARE AMAZING! SO AMAZING! I always look at wedding photos and think that the people look so beautiful because they are just beautiful people, but it's the photographer! I am so glad you captured me hugging my dad after he walked me down the aisle. That was one of my favorite moments (that and tending bar with Dave) of the wedding. Your photo perfectly captures that moment. I also love that one of my friend April (in the red hat) eating an oyster. Haha!
-Nicole and Dave, May 2012, Chileno Valley Ranch

"Like" the photos is too weak a word. I'm thrilled.
-Christopher and Elizabeth, summer 2012 engagement

Amazing!! Amazing and beautiful photos Mary. Thank you so much!! You captured the spirit of the day and I am so happy to have these photos.
-Michele and Adam, Feb. 2012 wedding, Brazilian Room in Berkeley

It is so clear to us that the BEST decision we made throughout our whole wedding was hiring you. We are so thrilled with all the photos, each one carries a special memory of our day. The photos of the Gurdwara were stunning -- you made great use of the space and the architecture really fit into your esthetic so perfectly. We couldn't be happier! Thank you, thank you, thank you! (Thanks also for suggesting we wait until we had some time to share these photos, I started crying watching them again, re-living the day.... it was hard to wait until today to open the link, but I'm glad we did!)
-Simron and Jesse, August 2011 wedding, Piedmont Recreatino Center

"Mary! i LOOOOOOVE THEM!!! thank you so much. i feel so happy. :) "
-Family session, Spring 2012

Mary, I've watched our slide show at least 50 times this week at work.
Tim and Kristina, August 2012 wedding

WE LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!! I'm totally bawling like a baby, they are so awesome. Thank you. :)
-Courtney and Mike, August 2011 wedding

Oh Mary!  I'm dying!  I had absolutely no doubt how amazing these would turn out, but they exceed all of my expectations.  I'm crying like a baby.  You captured the day beautifully and really tell the story.  I feel so lucky to have found you!  Thank you!!
-Janci and Andy, Oct. 2010 wedding

Hi Mary,

We're so thrilled with the photos! Everyone at the wedding had so many compliments and was so impressed with you during the wedding. I am so thankful to have found you. You did a perfect job of capturing the day and I know we will treasure these photos for years to come.
-Stephanie and Adam, Mary 2011

Hi Mary,
I wanted to tell you how happy Emily and I are with how the pictures turned out.
I shared the pictures with my family and the pictures made my sister cry. You do beautiful work.
We are so happy to have you document our wedding. Thanks again!
-Emily and Terry, engagement shoot

Thanks very much Mary.  I can't stop a good way.  Thank you so very much.  You captured us as we are.
-Serin Family shoot

Hi Mary,
I have to say, I love what you've done.  It's really great, all of the shots, the slide show, everything.  This is the first time in my life that I've liked pictures taken of me, and I don't even think I was looking all that good that day (bags under eyes, funny hair, etc).  But I really like looking at those pictures, which for me feels like reveling in the sound of one's voice on the answering machine.  
-Ariel and Barrie, engagement shoot

Hi Mary - I just love how you captured Francie's joy and the intimacy of an at home wedding. Your use of the natural light was breathtaking...
-Joanne, florist

Oh Mary, they're GORGEOUS!!!  The pictures are so wonderful!  I spent all friday checking and rechecking my email looking for something from you. Then I made Eric sit in bed and watch the slideshow with me.  Luckily my parents got to see all the pictures before they left on Saturday for Puerto Rico.  My mom is thrilled (i think they both are, but she's the loud one  :) ). 
-Francie, bride

Hi Mary! I looooved the slideshow and I shared it with all my friends and family who also loved it, and told me that I had a GREAT photographer for the wedding :)
-Anne, bride

I just wanted to tell you in more detail how awesome the photos are. We and all our family and friends think they are so wonderful -- the way you are able to capture emotions is just amazing! I love the mix of black and whites. We love the photos by the water at the end, with the bridge in the background. That was a really special time for us, as it was just us alone together.
-Shirley, bride

Love love love it! Mary, another spectacular gift! Thank you for being our family photographer! Ken and I were saying, we hope you stick around for a long time so we can have you on hand as our family grows...
-Jane, family shoot

OH MY GOSH!!  Let's just say - I cried! The good kind of cry:)
We love the photos and now have to decide what to do with them!
Thank you very much!
-Long Family, portrait shoot

I am loving all of your pictures and slideshows on Facebook!  Eric and I continue to get compliments on our wedding and your beautiful photography.  I know in the past when I've been in a beautiful setting I've been disappointed in pictures I've taken because they never live up to the real thing.  I am so pleased at how you captured our wedding, I don't know how you did it, but all your pictures are just an exceptional rendition of the day, and again, thank you.
-Frances, bride