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April 6, 2016

Harbour Island Photography, Part 1

Last week, my family and I spent a few days in Harbour Island, a lovely little island south of us in the Bahamas off the tip of North Eleuthera.  I took a walk in the late afternoon to do a bit of street photography, which I haven’t really done in years.  I enjoyed it so much -the colors, the people, the light, the chickens.  🙂

The next post will be from a morning walk, when I came upon a group of kids having a bike race.

I’ve started an Instagram page for streetlife in the Bahamas:


Roosters don’t like being photographed -I hunted this one down for awhile:

Harbour Island wedding photographyBahamas wedding photographerHarbour Island PhotographyHarbourIsland_04

“NO FEET ON BENCHES”HarbourIsland_05

This is Jimmy and this is “Jimmy’s street!”, which he yelled at me as I approached.  We ended up talking for awhile.


Jimmy is smiling here but later he confessed that he just wants a way off Harbour Island.  He is stuck in “paradise”.Bahamas Wedding Photographer

BARACUDA EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK:Harbour Island Photography

Thing 2:


I could do a whole book on the chickens of Harbour Island.  They are a really challenging subject -it’s a good lesson in waiting for the composition to line up and then praying for a moment before they run off.  Chicken are always moving -mostly away from me.
Bahamas street photographyBahamas wedding photography

“Just Do It”  (Or don’t.  Just Chill.)

Bahamas wedding photography

Bahamas street photography

No Parking Please.  No Dumping Please.HarbourIsland_14

Bananas for sale:

Harbour Island PhotographyHarbour Island streetlife

One view of a sunset hangout:Harbour Island photo

The other view of the sunset hangout.  I took a video of this scene -the chitchat, laughter, and kids running around was a beautiful combination.Harbour Island sunset