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May 6, 2016

Recent Work with ALS, SMA and Heart Disease Patients

In March, I traveled throughout California to photograph people living with ALS, SMA (spinal muscular atrophy) and heart disease.  I was hired for this project by Cytokinetics -a company that develops therapies for people living with these diseases*. Cytokinetics plans to create huge posters for display in the company headquarters.  They hope the images and words will inspire their employees and connect them to the people they are working to help.

It was personally so inspiring and very uplifting to meet and photograph these wonderful people.  It was a critical reminder that life is short- so live it well, stay present and love deeply!

160419_CYTK_PatientPoster_Art02_forPrint copy

160419_CYTK_PatientPoster_Art02_forPrint copy

160419_CYTK_PatientPoster_Art02_forPrint copy160419_CYTK_PatientPoster_Art02_forPrint copy160419_CYTK_PatientPoster_Art02_forPrint copy


*The people I photographed don’t use any of Cytokinetics therapies.  The company knew of them through talks they have given or other avenues where they have shared their stories as a way to inspire or guide other people living with their disease.