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Blue Hill Maine Portrait Special

Maine is my favorite place in the world to photograph my family.  There is something about the air and light there.  Something about the pace of things.

This summer I’d love to also photograph your family.  Please send me an email mary@marymchenry.com for more info!


Maine Portrait Special

June 14, 2017

Families, Maine Summer, Personal

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A month in Maine. This summer was a mellow one -hanging with the family and spending as much time as possible in the water. The children, Drew, and Chaco were like a family of seals -swimming all around the cove and not caring if the water was warm one day and freezing the next. The song for the slideshow is always hard to find but this cover by Cat Power seemed most fitting.

All the photos were taken with the Fuji x100s. I also took a LOT of iphone photos this year -I may have actually worked harder on creating those images because it was so fun to edit them right away and post them to Instagram!  Also- somehow I didn’t take any photos of my brother and his beyond-lovely girlfriend Lena but they were there with us and are wonderful humans and I’m totally annoyed at myself for missing that chance.  I think it’s a sign of how chilled out I get -it always seems like there will be time to do what you want to do…  Somehow 30 days just drifts past and you spend the last 2 days scrambling to spend meaningful time together and insisting that a trip to the town dump to drop off recycling counts as “bonding”.

In any case, it was a happy month and I’m just so grateful that we escape to the beautiful coast of Maine every summer to be with family and friends and swim like seals.  xo

September 16, 2013

Maine Summer, Personal

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Maine 2012

This summer was especially special.  We had our ten year anniversary, Drew turned 40, old friends came to visit, and my family -including my brother, mom, dad, stepmom, and lots of uncles-aunts-cousins gathered.  Having everyone so close & healthy & happy…  well, it was just wonderful.

The majority of the days were filled with swimming, music, & talking about what we should do for dinner.  The photos of the place that looks like a hippie commune are of our cousin’s incredible home, Tinder Hearth -which is a bakery/garden/music venue/happy place.

I actually didn’t break out the camera all that much.  What you see was shot with the 35 1.4 lens and Canon Mark 3.  The song is from the movie The Jerk, sung by Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters.  Our friends Lauren and Mark came up from NYC and brought their ukulele and sang this song.  Now listening to the lyrics back home in California, it sounds like a little love song to our happy time in Maine…  Enjoy.  🙂


August 27, 2012

Maine Summer, Personal, Travel

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motherload blog

Hey there!  This time next week I’ll be boarding a plane to go to Maine for a month.  I’ve been asked by my wonderful friend Kristen (who happens to be a fabulous, funny writer) to make a post for HER blog about my yearly pilgrimage home.  Hop over to motherload to see the post!

Motherload Blog


June 25, 2012

Maine Summer, Personal

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Summer 2011 ~ Maine

A month in Maine….  It cracks me up because it looks a lot like last summer.

All the images were taken with my 35mm 1.4 lens.  I brought several lenses but this was the only one that seemed to make sense up there.  A lot to fit in the frame, I guess.  Enjoy!



August 5, 2011

Maine Summer, Personal

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