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Hope Town Wedding

Caitlin and Otis had their wedding on Hope Town, Elbow Cay in the Bahamas last fall. It was a wonderful, musical, fun-filled celebration. I loved the Hope Town choir singing the song “Wildflower” by Tom Petty as Caitlin walked down the aisle. I loved the cool coral walk wall they showed me as a great place for photos. I loved her friend who got up and sang with the band. It was a great wedding. ūüôā

Hope Town wedding preparations Hope Town Choir wedding Dog at Hope Town Wedding Wedding on the beach in Hope Town Hope Town Wedding alter Guests at Hope Town Wedding Guests at Hope Town Wedding Group photo Hope Town Wedding Bahamas wedding photography Couple Bahamas wedding Hope Town boat wedding Wedding on Elbow Cay Reception at Hope Town Wedding First dance hope town

June 9, 2017


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Jesse and Joey Tie the Knot!

Two talented, beautiful,¬†kind, and very funny¬†men got married in what could best be called -a total wedding bash. ¬†The celebration took place in Jesse’s parent’s lovely home in Coral Gables, FLA. ¬†The place was dripping with orchids, live oak moss, ferns and air plants. ¬†Everyone looked gorgeous, it was a million degrees out, and they partied into the wee hours. ¬†There was so much laughter and plenty of happy tears. ¬†It was such fun to photograph and I was so honored to be there. ¬†Enjoy….!



Thank you big time to Randy Borges for shooting this with me.  Images 3, 9, 15, 22, 25, and 26 were taken by him.

Wedding Coordinator:  Anje Soirees

Music:  AAMusicians.com

Digital Event Associates:  http://www.dea.events

June 15, 2016


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Elizabeth Gamble Garden Wedding

This was the sweetest little wedding. ¬†Laura and Antin had a small gathering of family for the ceremony and then close friends joined for the reception. ¬†It was spring, and the gardens at Elizabeth Gamble Gardens were all: “Check us out! ¬†We are stunning!”. ¬†Thank you Laura and Antin for having me there! ¬†It left such a smile on my face…



January 6, 2016


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Eva and Lara tie the knot -and I moved to the Bahamas.

It’s been FOREVER since I’ve posted. ¬†Since the last blog entry, I have moved from the beautiful Bay Area to the beautiful Bahamas. ¬†It may just be for a year, it may be for two… ¬†we are taking some time to figure that out. ¬†So far it’s been a great experience for myself and my family.

That being said, I am still shooting weddings! ¬†For the next two years though, I’ll be open for¬†east coast destinations -feel free to reach out if you are getting hitched between Miami and Maine. ¬†If you are getting married in California, please reach out as well -I plan on shooting in that beautiful state plenty during this time away.

I’ll write more and post photos of life in the Bahamas, but for now -here is a lovely wedding that I’ve been meaning to share for awhile. ¬†These two lovely ladies got married at the Mann Family Farm, in Bolinas, California. ¬†Huffington Post even used one of their photos for an article about ‘everything that a photographer misses out on when they refuse to photograph a same-sex wedding’.

I can promise that those photographers miss out on so. much. happiness.







November 5, 2015


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Allison & Ariel at Pema Osel Ling Buddhist Retreat

When you hear the guests are going to be camping out in the redwood trees, you know you are going to have a good crowd to photograph.¬† Allison and Ariel got married last September amid a beautiful grove of trees at Pema Osel Ling, a Buddhist retreat center in the Santa Cruz Mountains.¬† Craft beers, crazy dancing, guitar playing, and lawn games all contributed to make Ariel and Allison’s a very special wedding.¬†¬† Big thanks to my girl Jenny Jimenez for coming down from Seattle to shoot this with me!


Mary McHenry Photography01Mary McHenry Photography02Sisters:Mary McHenry Photography03

By Jenny:Mary McHenry Photography05Mary McHenry Photography06Mary McHenry Photography07Mary McHenry Photography08By Jenny:Mary McHenry Photography09By Jenny:Mary McHenry Photography11Mary McHenry Photography12By Jenny:Mary McHenry Photography13Mary McHenry Photography14Mary McHenry Photography16Mary McHenry Photography17Mary McHenry Photography18Mary McHenry Photography19By Jenny:Mary McHenry Photography20Mary McHenry Photography21Mary McHenry Photography22Mary McHenry Photography23Mary McHenry Photography24Mary McHenry Photography25By Jenny:Mary McHenry Photography26By Jenny:Mary McHenry Photography27Mary McHenry Photography28Mary McHenry Photography29Mary McHenry Photography30Mary McHenry Photography31Mary McHenry Photography32Mary McHenry Photography33Mary McHenry Photography34Mary McHenry Photography35By Jenny:Mary McHenry Photography36Mary McHenry Photography37Mary McHenry Photography38Mary McHenry Photography39Mary McHenry Photography40Mary McHenry Photography41Mary McHenry Photography42Mary McHenry Photography43Mary McHenry Photography44

February 19, 2015


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