August 31, 2010

Zaballos Family – Oakland Family Photographer

A sneak peak for the Zaballo Family.  I photographed them on the edge of a big transition -as their son was heading off to college and their daughter entering high school.   They are an amazing family unit -they are funny, close, and so aware of the gifts that each of them have.  We started the session by them having a meal around their family table -how great is that?

For me personally, seeing the sweetness and affection between Tricia and Chris (above) just melted my heart.  I love photographing couples that have been together for years -there is a depth to that relationship, a knowing about each other, that when it’s caught on camera and frozen in time -it is such a special gift.  I actually have a photo of Drew and myself, (speaking of knowing each other for years -we met when I was 15!) that is similar to this pose and I love it.  Hope you two like this one as well.  🙂