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June 30, 2011

Little Family ~ Berkeley Botanical Gardens

I am writing this post from Maine, in a little coastal town where I was born.  I come back here every summer to see my family, hang out with friends, and basically laze around as much as possible.  Take a look at last summer to get the vibe.  🙂

BUT!  My wonderful clients would like to see their photos.  🙂  So while I have access to the internet for about 30 minutes, here is a teaser for Aaron, Sonya and little Sofia!  This was my last shoot before I left town, and it was such a great send-off.

Here is a shot inspired by one taken in 1978 of Aaron and his parents.  It was a cool idea to try and mimic the look and feel of an image that is clearly so dear to him:


And the rest…



Enjoy!  xoxo Mary