April 19, 2018

Planning a wedding in Hope Town, Elbow Cay, Abaco

Hi all!

I often get questions from couples who are planning their wedding in the Abacos.  Where do I find a great band? Finding flowers?  Where do I get my hair done?  I thought it would be helpful to list some of the people and places that I have loved working with when shooting weddings in Hope Town on Elbow Cay, Abacos.

If I am missing someone you loved working with or if you have a question, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Suppatime and New Entry are both really fun and bring so much energy to the celebration:


New Entry Band


New Entry Band Abaco Wedding

*Pictured above is New Entry Band

If you want to go the DJ route for any part of the evening, you can’t go wrong with Big Red or DJ Bigz!

DJ Red:  242.366.0640

DJ Bigz:

Youth Junkanoo Band:

Melinda with Buds and Blossoms (see below) is the best contact if you’d like to hire the local junkanoo youth band.  They come over from Marsh Harbour (short ferry ride) and will seriously kick the party off right.  Highly recommended.

Wedding Junkanoo band Hope Town


Melinda at Buds and Blossoms is so talented and wonderful to work with.  I can’t get over the creations she comes up with!


Buds and Blossoms Wedding Flowers Abacos


Monica at the Chopping Block in Hope Town is the source for your wedding day hair:

Chopping Block Hope Town



Jennisan does wonderful work for wedding makeup in Hope Town:

Wedding makeup Hope Town Elbow Cay Abacos



Kent LeBoutillier is your go-to for wedding cakes on Elbow Cay!

Wedding Cake Abacos


You may have already chosen your location for your wedding in Hope Town, but if not- here are a few favorites:

Firefly Sunset Resort

Hope Town Inn and Marina -with your ceremony on the private island of Johnny’s Cay!  I’m shooting a wedding on Johnny’s Cay in May and can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

Abaco Inn

Hope Town Lodge

Bahamas wedding photographer

*Pictured above is the Abaco Inn.


You know you want a massage the day before the wedding.  🙂  Contact Rachel from Om Grown Greens!

Wedding on Elbow Cay in the Abacos


The Hope Town Bulletin on Facebook is a great source for information about what’s happening on the island and where you can get a feel for the lovely community here!

The Bulletin also has a website.  You can find links/contacts to all the stores, restaurants, and even medical needs.  It’s a great website to save and full of wonderful resources:

Wedding in Hope Town Elbow Cay

Other things to think about…  Rent your golf carts sooner than you think -there are several companies to call but you would be surprised by how fast they all get booked!  Same story with boats -call now if you are thinking about renting a boat.

Froggies is great for daytrips to snorkeling spots or diving around Elbow Cay.

For more boat exploring without renting your own boat:

Island Boy Excursions 

Clinton Adderley with “Local Boy Fishing and Charting” is a great source for taking you out boating and fishing for the day.

Albury’s Ferry for getting from Marsh Harbour to the Cays!

Wedding Hope Town

The legal stuff -borrowed from Abaco Inn’s info page:

In the week leading up to your wedding, you must obtain your license from: The Government Administrator, Government Office, Marsh Harbour.

Required legal documents:

  • Original or notarized copy of your Birth Certificate
  • Parental consent if either of you are under the age of 18 (eighteen)
  • Sworn affidavits if you are single
  • Certified copy of a divorce or death certificate of deceased spouse if either party has been married previously.
  • BOTH parties must appear at the Administrator’s office to apply for the marriage license. There is a fee. Phone # 242.699.0000 or fax 242.699.0012,
  • Email administrator:


ALSO VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE -if you are bringing in a professional from the States, whether it’s your photographer or makeup artist, they must apply for a short term work permit from the Immigration Office in Marsh Harbour.  (I apply for a permit for every wedding I shoot here in the Abacos.)


There you go!  I hope this has helped you out with your wedding planning in Hope Town, Elbow Cay!  You truly can’t go wrong with having your wedding here.  It is such a treat for your family and friends to get away from the world and jump into this friendly community, surrounded by nature and beauty.

Ending this post with a selfie with some wonderful clients while we were cruising around on my golf cart, hoping from one beautiful spot to the next for portraits.  🙂

Mary McHenry Photography