February 14, 2023

Newborn Photography Miami

Along with weddings and family photography, I offer newborn photography in Miami. Last fall I had the pleasure of being a baby photographer for an adorable newborn in Coconut Grove, FL. I love these baby sessions -the milky haze of those first weeks, the intense discussions on how best to swaddle and the intense, woozy love that the parents are feeling. It’s such a short and special time in a family’s life.

Here is another newborn/baby session I did in Brooklyn, NY a few years back. The baby is a little older but all that sweet family love, figuring things out together, caring for each other is there.

This baby session was a two hour session, which gave us plenty of time to let the sweet boy nap, be nursed (yes I photographed that -those are also super special memories to have) and we took a little walk around the charming jungly Grove. If you are interested in a newborn or baby session, please reach out!

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Newborn photographer coconut grove, Fl
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newborn photography miami

Tips for Miami newborn photography to help make the newborn session go smoothly:

Here are a few tips that may help your session unfold smoothly:

-Try to keep the baby awake for an hour or two before I arrive and feed him 30–45 minutes before the session starts so he will asleep when I arrive.  Then dress him in a clean diaper and swaddle him with just his diaper on.  Please put the diaper on loosely so there aren’t diaper lines on his little tushy.

-Turn the ac up so it’s on the warmer side when I arrive.  Infants get chilly easily and we want them to be comfortable while naked.

-Have a couple blankets on hand that we can wrap him around in.  I don’t bring props but if you have anything that you’d like him to wear, feel free to have it on hand.

-Swaddling him in just the diaper makes it easier to undress him while he sleeps than fussing with a onesie.  We can take photos of him while he sleeps for the first part of the session and then see where it leads us.  He may wake up, may need a feeding/changing. I photograph to tell the story of these beginning days.  Hopefully we can end outside on a little walk with the dog.  

-I am there to photograph this experience of your first weeks at home with this new human.  Nothing has to go according to plan!  Everything is ok.  🙂  It’s fine if you are exhausted, weepy and it’s fine if he’s fuzzy and cranky.  I don’t want you to feel like anyone needs to perform for me or the camera.  I’ve been in your shoes with my own easy newborn and a very challenging one, so my cup of empathy overflows!  

-What to wear..  I suggest keeping your own outfits simple, without busy patterns and logos.  Soft, neutral fabrics are flattering and don’t distract from what the baby is or isn’t wearing.

-Feed yourselves beforehand and drink plenty of water.  🙂  You may want to avoid spicy foods the 24 hour before if you are breastfeeding because he could end up with an upset stomach.